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​​Sue McGlinchey​​
 Sleep Consultations & Sleep Training

With my in home sleep training your baby will be sleeping through the night in just 3-5 days!

It is not uncommon when people hear the term sleep training to think that it means leaving your baby for hours to cry and although some people may do that the truth is there are several ways to sleep train, sleep teach or as some say, sleep condition your baby, there is no “one size fits all” because every family and every baby is unique.   In my opinion the actual definition of sleep training/sleep teaching and/or sleep conditioning is simply the process used to teach your baby to sleep.
How do we do that? 

1. By taking a look at your child’s daily routine and making needed changes 
2. By taking a look at your child’s room and making necessary changes
3. By examining your child’s calorie intake and making any needed changes
4. By learning what your child’s sleep associations are and making changes
5. By creating and implementing a sleep plan to teach your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep. 
6. By having an expert to make and tweak the plan based on how your child responds 
7. Extended support

Following a book often does not work because in the middle of the night you wonder if you are doing it right, or maybe you don't know for sure if your baby is getting enough calories during the day. Wouldn't you love to have an expert at your fingertips when you baby is crying and you are second guessing yourself? Or better yet have an expert right there with you or doing it for you?  
How I help: 
1. The phone call.
We talk and get to know each other
2. The in-depth intake.
I email you the intake form; you fill it out and email it back
3. The choice.
Would you like me to come and provide hands on help coupled with continued coaching or would you prefer that I strictly coach you?
4. The plan.
I will review all of your information and recommended changes needed to daily routine etc. and I will also devise a sleep plan that best fits your family’s lifestyle, schedule, and parenting style. 
5. The video chat or house call.
We will set up a time for me to come to your home  (or to chat by Face Time or Skype depending on which package you choose). During this time I will go over all the material, get an in person look at the nursery (or you will take a video and send it for phone or Skype consults) to be sure its a safe, healthy sleep environment that is set up properly for sleep training. I will answer all your questions and review the sleep training method with you.   The house call is set up at bedtime and I will spend 2 hours (or several nights, your choice) with you while we begin the training.  
6. Continued support.
My services are unique in that I offer 8 weeks of support (don't worry, it won't take that long). Why do I do this? Habits are hard to break, teething happens, sickness happens, vacations happen and also as your baby grows and changes in 2 months time so will his routine and eating habits.  I will support you for 2 months so when you find things are not quiet right you can text me and we will chat, I will make suggestions and send updated material to you. 
Did you know?
Nearly every baby I have sleep trained in person (ages 4 months – 1 year) has slept through the night on or before the 3rd night, and nearly all the babies that parents have trained with my coaching have slept through the night anywhere from 3 to 7 nights! 
What about crying?
I am going to be honest with you, when we sleep teach babies (4 months and older) there is going to be some protesting. Wouldn't you protest if someone took away your favorite sleep props like your favorite pillow or your comfortable bed? What if someone took away all your blankets and turned all the lights on? I know for sure I would protest. When we take away your babies favorite sleep prop (rocking, pacifier, feeding) she will surely protest but we are there to support her and teach her how to fall asleep and stay asleep, she does not have to do it alone.  If we were teaching your baby how to walk and she fell down and cried would you stop and tell her no more walking? Of course not and neither should we deprive our children the chance to learn to fall and stay asleep.
Are you ready to end sleep deprivation and have sanity restored in your life?
If so please reach out to me and give yourself and your child the gift of sleep today!

If your baby is under 3 months old she may be more suited for a Newborn Consultation -  please click here to learn about Newborn Consulting.   If you are unsure about which consultation is best for your baby please reach out to me for a 15-30 minute free phone call so we can discuss. 978-944-2050  

Consultation with around the clock


This is the Skype consultation plus around the clock help for 24-72 hours. This is a wonderful choice if you would like help with naps and nights.  I will do a majority of the training for you if you wish and also instruct and coach you. 99% of the time training will be complete in 3 days. You will have 8 weeks of support to fix anything that comes up. 

Call for pricing 

Consultation with 2-3 overnights


​   ​​This is the Skype consultation plus 2 overnight shifts to assist you with the bedtime routine and training. The first night will be 13 hours & 2nd night is 10 hours. I will do a majority of the training for you if you wish (depending on the age of your child), and also instruct & coach you so you know exactly what to do for daytime naps.  You will be equipped to take over when I leave. 
Comes with 8  weeks of continued support

Call for pricing

The Consultation


Comes with initial phone call, in-depth intake, a complete review on what we need to fix, a plan on how we will fix it (as described above) and having me available for unlimited text & email support to coach you step by step.  Comes with continued support for 8  weeks.​​
$395.00 for Skype consults.
$495.00 for 2 hour in-home visits.     
I will come before bedtime and walk you through the bedtime routine, stay for initial training until baby is asleep, then we will discuss your concerns before I leave. 



Please call for pricing beyond the consultation as prices vary depending on the number of hours we will spend together.  I am happy to customize a schedule in a way that will best meet your needs (based on my availability and your location). Whether we spend 1 hour together or 3 days, I will help you solve your child's sleep problem so that you and your family will get the sweet sleep you need! 

If you need help deciding what plan is best for you, feel free to reach out for a free 15- 30 minute free consultation by clicking here.  

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