Advanced Certified Newborn Care Specialist-Professional Night Nanny - Sleep Coach

​​Sue McGlinchey​​

Services Offered
I customize my services to meet your needs 

Overnight Newborn Care
Daytime Care
24 Hour Care
Overnight newborn care is a great option for families local to the Orlando and surrounding areas.  It provides rest for tired parents as well as education and support. I will be there helping you as you transition into parenthood, I also specialize in preemie and multiple care. 
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​Daytime care is available to families who feel they need the extra help the first few weeks after birth.  This is a nice option for a mom who needs a little extra support after dad returns to work and/or is recovering from a C-section.
If you live in Orlando or the surrounding areas I offer any combination of 24-hour care and overnights. The favorite among my clients is having 24-hour care for the first 2-3 weeks then switching to overnights. 
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Sleep Consulting
& Sleep Training
Newborn Consulting 
Do you have questions and need advice?   I can teach you feeding and burping techniques, swaddling, cord care and basic infant care. I am also available to walk you through creating a safe sleep environment and healthy habits that will enable your baby to sleep longer stretches at night at an earlier age. 
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​I offer Sleep Consulting, Sleep Coaching and in person Sleep Training. I will coach you on how to teach and empower your baby to sleep through the night or I will come to your home and teach your baby myself! Over 20 well rested, happy clients in the last 2 years!​ ​
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"She was extremely helpful adjusting our premature baby boy to his life at home. She took care of all his needs and introduced us to products and shortcuts that helped our everyday life. Having Sue as a resource to answer questions and help us when he came home from the hospital was a lifesaver. She set up our baby on a feeding and sleeping schedule that has helped him thrive post his stay in the NICU. She played an intricate role in the transition to being new parents".
Multiples and Preemies
Bringing home baby can be stressful and even more so     when you have multiples or a baby in the NICU.  I specialize in helping parents and babies adjust to their life at home! 

Are you feeling overwhelmed and sleep deprived?
Are you pregnant and unsure how to best prepare for and care for your baby?
Would you like to avoid having to sleep train your baby later? 
Does your baby wake up and cry every time you lay her down?
Is you baby waking up several times a night?
Do you spend a long time getting your baby to sleep only to have him wake up 20 minutes later?​​
Have you been told your baby has colic?
Would you love to spend more time with your spouse?
Do you just need a night of uninterrupted sleep?
Would you love for your baby to sleep through the night?
If so please reach out to me I can help with these issues and so much more!

 I can help you!


Overnight Newborn Care​​​
24 hour care
Sleep Coach/Consulting 
Sleep Training 
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