Advanced Certified Newborn Care Specialist-Professional Night Nanny - Sleep Coach

​​Sue McGlinchey​​
Overnight Newborn Care
Overnight Newborn Care is popular among my clients and it’s easy to understand why, since there are so many benefits, the number 1 being the absence of sleep deprivation.  I have seen it too many times; mom is exhausted, anxious and frustrated from her lack of sleep, which can lead to a decreased ability to breastfeed successfully as well as create an inability to bond well with the baby.  Not only that, sleep deprivation will increase a new mothers risk of developing postpartum depression.  Having a highly trained experienced professional to come and provide overnight newborn care will give mom the well deserved rest she needs.  Whether bottle-feeding or breastfeeding (I will bring baby to mom for feedings if she chooses) having assistance throughout the night while you transition into parenthood is invaluable. 

As your Overnight Newborn Care Specialist (formally called baby nurse or night nurse) I will come to your home in the evening between 7pm-10pm and stay for 8-12 hour shifts, leaving in the morning typically before 7am. I will be implementing healthy sleep habits while feeding, burping and resettling your baby throughout the night.  When I arrive we will chat about the day and I will answer any questions you may have, providing you with education and support during you baby’s first few months of life.  Also as a part of my overnight care I will be teaching you and your baby healthy sleep habits and routines that will have your little one sleeping 8-12 hour stretches by 8-12 weeks old.  During the night while your baby is sleeping I will wash bottles and breast pump parts, prepare bottles and fold the baby’s laundry, then, once everything is done if your baby is sleeping I will rest with the baby monitor until the next feeding.

Rate starts at  $25 per hour, depending on location, number of babies and number of nights booked. Please contact me for more information.