Advanced Certified Newborn Care Specialist-Professional Night Nanny - Sleep Coach

​​Sue McGlinchey​​
Newborn Consultations
Do you feel you need a little extra help getting your baby feeding and sleeping well?  Does your baby wake up every time you lay her in the crib or bassinet, are you sleep deprived because your baby only sleeps for 30 – 60 minutes at a time?  Maybe you feel like having a specialist in your home everyday or night is more help then you need but you would love some expert advice, this is where a Newborn Consultation comes in handy.  I will take an in-depth intake of what is going on with your baby and then help you to set up healthy practices that will enable your baby to sleep better for naps and nights at a younger age.  Having support to guide you for 12 weeks of your baby’s life is priceless.  I can take you step by step through the process of guiding your baby to sleep for longer and longer stretches at night, eventually leading to 8-12 hours of sleep by 12 weeks old.

I offer Skype/FaceTime and in home consultations;

What I will do:
1. Take a look at your child’s daily routine and help you make needed changes 
2.  Take a look at your child’s sleep space and suggest changes
3. Examine your child’s daytime calorie intake and making any needed changes
4. Learn what your child’s negative sleep associations are and coach you on how to eliminate them 
5. Create and teach you how to implement a very gentle sleep plan that will teach your baby to fall asleep and stay asleep. This includes a nighttime routine that will help your baby learn day from night quickly
6. Provide extended support to help you troubleshoot and tweak things according to how your child responds.
7. Teach you feeding techniques if needed
8. Offer instructions on daily care; including proper swaddling, bathing and bedtime routines.
9. Teach you soothing techniques that will turn on your baby’s calming reflex
and much more!

Skype/Facetime $445.00
In home with a 2-3 hour visit $545.00

"Sue is a baby whisperer! It has been such a relief having her around with my newborn, and she has taught us so many useful tips and tricks. I’ll definitely be having her come again in the near future to help get my baby sleeping through the night. If you’re overwhelmed or need some support after your baby, call Sue!! She’s wonderful"    Tayrn H. 
"Sue helped me do what I thought was the impossible. With her help we trained my 2 month old son to go on a healthy feeding and sleep schedule, trained my son to sleep in his crib instead of constantly on our chest or in our arms, she taught me how to accurately measure his feeding doses for his weight and age, how to keep proper record of his sleep and feeding throughout the day and taught me how to soothe my son back to sleep properly. All of this was done within a few days. We got him started on the routine and I continued building on it"
​Diyana M