Advanced Certified Newborn Care Specialist-Professional Night Nanny - Sleep Coach

​​Sue McGlinchey​​
​Client Testimonials
Darren S.    2/2019    Sleep Coaching/Training 
​Sarah T.    1/2019     Overnight Newborn Care
​Sue is a lifesaver! Our son was waking several times a night and at 10months we decided to get Sue to help. At first I was skeptical on how Sue could help us and if she could help us at all. She does not guarantee 100% your baby will sleep through the night but she does encourage following the daily routines and sleep techniques to help get the baby to learn to sleep without waking or needing nursing. We gave it a shot and I can say it was the best money we ever spent! Within 2-3 weeks our son was sleeping about 12 hours uninterrupted. Try her sleep advice and reach out to her as soon as possible. Our family is now sleeping great and not sleep deprived and feeling miserable. Thank you Sue!
We had the pleasure of working with Sue directly, as well as getting to know several night nannies she has personally trained to work with her clients. These women, Olivia and Nicole, were in the top 10% of caregivers we’ve ever worked with. They are well-trained, very experienced, highly personable, and have great instincts. Getting access to this extended team is real differentiator among newborn care providers. On holidays, weekends, and after Sue’s contract ended, we’ve been able to pull in additional top-tier help, all coordinated by Sue. She debriefs these nannies on the child, the household, the routine, and the current goals, so all you have to do is let them in and it’s another smooth night ahead. 
Lauren T.   10/2018    Newborn Consult/Coaching
Rosie T.   7/2018    Sleep Training 
Having Sue in your corner is the best and most valuable resource you can ever get and is worth every penny!! As i live in Montreal, Sue helped me over the phone and by text (many many many texts at all hours!!!) She always answered so quickly to give me real time help through the nights and days! I can't tell you how many text messages I sent as i was having a challenging time with my daughter's reflux and Sue never made me feel like it was too much.  She always provided me with detailed game plans of how to approach both night and days. Sue also helped diagnose my daughter with reflux and it was because of her i took her to the dr and got her on the right medications. She guided me through the entire very challenging time and without her i'm not sure what i would have done. What surprised me the most (above and beyond her amazing wealth of knowledge, She is always right!!), was how proactive and engaged Sue was. If a day went by that i didn't reach out to her, she reached out to me to see how it was going.
BEST MONEY EVER SPENT!  After struggling as new parents trying to figure out how much to feed, when to feed, how much sleep our son needed, we finally decided to hire a sleep coach.  From the moment we spoke to Sue on the phone for an interview, we knew she was the perfect fit.  She listened, asked questions and offered tips before we even hired her.  She worked with us for about 10 days getting him on the right feeding schedule and once he was doing that well, she came over for the big night.  His FIRST night in his crib ever!  (We had been co-sleeping prior to Sue).  After 28 minutes on night one, he was sound asleep and slept through the night until 7:30am.  TWELVE HOURS!  Coming from a baby who only slept 3.5 hours on average max, this was HUGE!  On night TWO, he fell asleep in 12 minutes and slept TWELVE HOURS!  And by night THREE it took a whopping 2.5 minutes before he fell asleep for TWELVE HOURS!  

Elizabeth L.   6/2018    Newborn Consult/Coaching 
Kathryn H.   7/2018  Overnight Newborn Care
After talking with Sue and meeting her in person, I knew we had found the best fit for our family. Being certified as a Newborn Care Specialist and specialized in sleep training was a huge bonus. Our goal was to have the babies on the same schedule as soon as possible. Sue is like the parenting manual you wish was delivered with your babies, an angel that swoops in at night to take care of your babies and provide you with some respite. She quickly helped us get into a routine both days and nights giving us tips and tricks along the way. When she wasn’t with us, she was checking in to see how the days/nights were going. Sue became a part of our family over the 10 weeks she spent with us. By the end of the 10 weeks, our babies were sleeping a good 8 hours with minimal to no interruption at night. 
After weeks of waking up every hour to two hours with our newborn baby boy, my husband contacted Sue to get more information about her services. Following our initial phone call we knew Sue's experience and insight would be invaluable as we started our journey as first-time parents.  Sue spent several hours with us and we learned so much - products to purchase, tips to soothe, and tricks to make the nursery a perfect sleep environment. Over the course of 12+ weeks Sue has been an incredible resource for us. She offers recommendations based on our baby's reported feeding and sleeping patterns and is always available for questions. At 3.5 months old, our baby is sleeping 10-12 hours at night and my husband and I feel confident with the schedule we're keeping.
Scottie S.    4/2018    Overnight Newborn Care
Katie C.   4/2018    Newborn Consult/Coaching
Not only did Sue relieve us by providing a night of well-rested sleep, she completely transformed our quality of life in providing a comprehensive approach to caring for our baby. She prepared sleep schedules, made recommendations for helpful products, and constantly communicated with us regarding suggestions to help our baby sleep and eat better. Her service was above and beyond for what we expected, and our baby is thriving because of everything she has done to help us. As first-time parents, Sue brought us a sense of comfort that is indescribable, and we would absolutely recommend her to any family with a newborn baby.
I contacted Sue after my 6 week old was still not sleeping for more than a couple hours at a time. She was willing to help immediately. She sent me information and things to try immediately. She then came during the day for several hours to work with me and get to know my daughter. She also came for 2 overnights. Within a couple of weeks, my daughter was sleeping 10-12 hours at night. She has always been immediately available for advice and encouragement. She is extremely easy to work with and an excellent resource for all things baby. We are so happy we found her.
Lindsey D.   4/2018    Sleep Training
Karey A.   1/2018    24 Hours and Overnights 
We relied heavily on Sue’s expertise and she was more than happy to guide us...She also helped us develop a routine for feeding and sleeping. For us, maximizing sleep was a main priority and having that routine was truly the key to our sanity. She helped us put together a working schedule that both met the baby’s needs and fit into our daily lives. By the third week, she had our baby sleeping 6 hours at night and left us with “instructions” to continue increasing the baby’s nighttime sleep in her absence. 
We experienced severe sleep regression with our 6 month old baby. Our baby was waking up every hour to two hours through the night and would not sleep in her crib. A friend of ours recommended Sue’s sleep training services and I’m so thankfu! Sue put together a schedule specific to our baby’s needs. With her guidance, our baby now sleeps in her crib from 6:30 PM to 6:30 AM and naps wonderfully! My husband and I cannot believe it and could not be more thankful for Sue and her amazing training, knowledge, and support! She is a true miracle worker!
Angela B.   10/2017    Sleep Training 
Sabrina L.   8/2017    24 Hour Care
Our 4 month old was not sleeping more than two hours at a time and my husband and I were at a breaking point and desperately needed help. We found out about Sue and she came to our rescue the same day we called her. Both my husband and I were in tears (good tears) knowing help was on the way. Sue was a delight the moment we called her. She immediately started offering suggestions during our first phone call and made us feel very comfortable with her. She has a way of making you feel that everything is going to be ok. She is calm, easy to talk to, and very knowledgeable. She had our baby sleeping through the night within days and we could not be more thankful for Sue and all the help and guidance she gave. I would absolutely recommend her to anyone that is having a hard time with a sleepless baby!​​​​​​​​​​​

Sue stayed with us for the first 8 weeks of our son’s life and was an invaluable asset during that period. Being first time parents can be quite overwhelming. Not knowing what to purchase for your baby or even how to properly care for him. From the very beginning, Sue put our worries at ease and essentially held our hands through the entire process. She provided us with a list of items to purchase in advance to prepare for our son’s arrival and taught us how to properly take care of him; how to correctly feed him, how to bathe him, how to soothe him, etc. Sue was always there to provide her knowledge and guidance so that we could rest assured that we were doing the right thing. Most importantly, Sue created a tailored daily routine for us to follow so that by 6 weeks old, our son was sleeping 12 hours through the night (715pm to 715am).

​ ​Danielle D.   1/2017​    24 Hour Care
Johnathan L.   2/2017    24 Hour Care
 ​​I highly recommend hiring Sue. She was extremely helpful adjusting our premature baby boy to his life at home. She took care of all his needs and introduced us to products and shortcuts that helped our everyday life. Having Sue as a resource to answer questions and help us when he came home from the hospital was a lifesaver. She set up our baby on a feeding and sleeping schedule that has helped him thrive post his stay in the NICU. She played an intricate role in the transition to being new parents. She was also such a neat, organized and lovely houseguest. We felt so comfortable leaving our baby boy with Sue while we had family in town and went on date nights. We’re going to miss her teaching us and watching over our baby boy. I would highly recommend hiring Sue to watch over your beloved baby.
Sue came to live with us for the first 8 weeks of our daughter´s life. Being a first time mother can be difficult. There are so many questions that constantly arise and you have no idea what you are doing. Sue was like an angel sent to help me ease into the role of motherhood. I had a C-Section, so having her by my side whilst recovering was truly invaluable.
Sue´s belief in the ”fourth trimester method” (for creating a safer and similar feeling to the mother´s womb,) turned out to be a great success for our little girl. This included swaddling and white noise. Implementing a routine from the beginning was also very helpful in getting our baby sleeping through the night. By 6 weeks she slept through the night (12 hours) with a routine from 7am to 7 pm.

Paul P.   10/2016    24 Hour Care
 Diyana M.   2/2016    Newborn Consult/Coaching
Sue lived up to her “worth her weight in gold” recommendation by my coworkers.   She arrived the day after our first daughter was born and was with us for 2 solid weeks.   She taught us invaluable newborn skills, product recommendations, devices, routines/scheduling, feeding and calming techniques, and was an incredible help teaching her to sleep through the night.    
By 5 weeks of age, our daughter was consistently sleeping 7-8 hours nightly because of her coaching.   Sue is calm, patient, organized, clean, and very knowledgeable.   She has continued to be a source of invaluable advice as our daughter continues to grow.  
She is a great teacher and allowed us to use troubleshooting skills to evaluate our daughter and give us confidence as we move forward.    We are so grateful and relieved that both our daughter and ourselves are sleeping through the night.

Because my son had some health issues we had him sleeping on our chest since birth, which eventually became a big problem for us, as it was overall unhealthy for the baby and not suitable for a functional life. Additionally he was breastfeeding on demand, which became exhausting for me and at times he was kept hungry since I didn’t know if he was fed fully. Sue helped me do what I thought was the impossible. With her help we trained my 2 month old son to go on a healthy feeding and sleep schedule, trained my son to sleep in his crib instead of constantly on our chest or in our arms, she taught me how to accurately measure his feeding doses for his weight and age, how to keep proper record of his sleep and feeding throughout the day and taught me how to soothe my son back to sleep properly. All of this was done within a few days. We got him started on the routine and I continued building on it.

Joshua L.   1/2016    24 Hour Care 
Jennifer M.   4/2015    Daytime and Overnight Care     
​From the initial interview, my wife and I knew Sue was the perfect match for our growing family. Sue is professional, organized and is an amazing source of information. Sue is extremely intelligent and unbelievably studied in all knowledge of infant care. One of Sue’s strongest qualities is her transparency. If my wife or I asked her question about our son that she was not 100% certain about she would explain that she was not sure, but she would research the question and come back to us with her findings. Sue would send us articles she would research and study to help us get stronger and more confident in our new role as parents. Besides Sue’s tenacity for gaining knowledge in her field, she is unbelievably kind individual and she showed great love to our son ensuring that he was always in a safe, loving environment.
Sue started working for us within a, “live-in” situation and joined us hours from our departure from the hospital. She educated my wife and I about baby products, sleeping techniques, bathing rituals and so much more. Sue was always respectful of my wife and my wishes, yet always offered her opinions and reasoning behind them. It was an absolute honor to have Sue assisting us with the first month of our son’s life and she made the process less scary.

It is my pleasure to recommend Sue McGlinchey as a Newborn Care Specialist.  Sue began assisting with and caring for my son, Liam when he was only five weeks old. As a first time mother recovering from complications of a C-section I was overwhelmed.  This was compounded when my husband had to travel for business unexpectedly. At first, I was nervous having someone care for my new baby.  I planned to only have Sue assist so I could get some much needed rest, shower and work from home.  To my surprise, Sue provided much more than I ever could have expected.  She put me at ease right from the start and always conducted herself professionally.  It was not long before I felt comfortable leaving her home alone with my son. 
Sue went above and beyond with many tips and suggestions but always in a way that was not forceful or pushy. Some of the things that Sue helped me with are: The importance of healthy sleep and sleep habits for baby, recommending different types of bottles,
soothing techniques- the 5’s, and swaddling for naps and nighttime.
She also helped me to understand how important it was for my baby to nap during the day in order for him to sleep at night. While Sue’s approach to caring for babies complemented my husband and my parenting style she made sure to always respect our personal philosophies.