Advanced Certified Newborn Care Specialist-Professional Night Nanny - Sleep Coach

​​Sue McGlinchey​​
24 Hour Care
24-hour care is a combination of overnight and daytime care.  As your *newborn care specialist (commonly referred to as baby nurse) I will support you emotionally and physically in the care of your baby 19 hours a day with 5 hours off in the morning. Not only will I be there to help you navigate the all the questions and situations that arise while caring for your baby those first few weeks, I will also be there to help you to get your baby eating and sleeping well, supporting breastfeeding concerns, bathing, circumcision care, and any other worries you have while teaching you all the tips and tricks of the “baby whisper”.  I will gently guide you and your baby into a routine that will ensure predictable feedings and naps which will make  life much more manageable for you when our time is over.  I will also create the right conditions that will help your baby sleep long stretches at night (8-12 hours per night by 8-12 weeks old).  When I am not busy with the baby I will be cleaning bottles, restocking the nursery, washing the baby’s laundry etc.  I will also train your nanny to ensure a smooth transition for you upon my departure. 

If you live in Orlando or the surrounding areas I offer any combination of 24-hour care and overnights. Many of my clients love having 24-hour care for the first 2-3 weeks then switching to overnights once mom has recovered and we have gotten into a good routine. During the overnights I will continue my very gentle methods to help your baby learn to sleep through the night by 12 weeks old. Please reach out to discuss what may work best for you!

Several packages available, please call for pricing.
Prices vary depending on location, for any Florida location with over an hour drive from Orlando, rate starts at $25 per hour 

*​​​A Newborn Care Specialist is not a Baby Nurse or Night Nurse (although they have been called that over the years) - Licensed Nurse, Registered Nurse (RN), Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN) or Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA). In all states, the usage of the term "nurse" may only be applied to licensed nurses, RNs or LPNs. The International Nanny Association has great information distinguishing the two.
"Sue was always there to provide her knowledge and guidance so that we could rest assured that we were doing the right thing. Most importantly, Sue created a tailored daily routine for us to follow so that by 6 weeks old, our son was sleeping 12 hours through the night (715pm to 715am)".     Sabrina L